Rome, Italy || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Three and a half years later, and I’ve finally finished editing our Italy photos. No biggie. Better late than never, right?! (It sure does feel good to cross off what was becoming a life long to-do list item. :))

There’s over 400 photos (I started with 4200…..), and to put them all in one blog would be nuts, so I broke it down into the 4 spots we visited. First up was Rome! After nearly 24 hours of travel, we were out of our minds tired, but tried to stay awake until bedtime. Full disclosure- despite being fascinated with where we were, we could only stay awake until 7pm and fell asleep with gelato, but without dinner (and you’ll see that I took a little nap as soon as we found our little BnB). Out of the 4 places we explored, this was by far the most touristy. We only spent almost a day there, but here’s a glimpse of what we saw!