San Gimignano, Italy || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Our second stop was a charming, peaceful and quiet town called San Gimignano. One of our friends frequents Italy and in his travels fell in love with this town too. He helped us plan our trip and thought we’d enjoy this piece of heaven. He was right.

First, I’d like to introduce you to the Fiat. The tiny, but terrifying little manual car that convinced me that I was going to meet Jesus in the Italian countryside. Dave might tell this story a little differently, but to sum up, he thought his stick-shift skills were polished enough to tackle a car like this on winding, hills-o-plenty, speeding native roads. Long story short, I think we may still owe the rental agency money for a new transmission after stalling every time we tried to get out of first gear. Driving it was probably some cruel and unusual trust building activity, and I may have cried more tears in the 2 days we had to use it than I have in our entire marriage, but think we grew closer as a result. So….win?

Despite that trauma, Sangi was breathtaking. Our Villa was a dream. The food was NUTS. And I think we ate Gelato for lunch, snack and dinner. The jet lag began to wear off and we explored a good bit and enjoyed being mostly off the grid. Got to experience one of the most beautiful sunrises I can remember too, so that was a definite win. Enjoy a few shots through our eyes.

Next up…Florence!